One Night Stranded: Post-Production Application



We prefer an editor with no job. We need someone with exemplary time management skills, experience in Adobe Suite including Premiere Pro, and After Effects. The editor will be editing the short film together along with organizing (working with assistant editor) shots during production (working with Script Supervisor) to ensure proficient editing during post production. You will be working with deadlines and need to meet these deadlines in order to ensure completion of film on time.

Assistant Editor:

Organizes footage for the editor to make a smooth transition and assists with any tasks the editor need done.  You will be working with tight deadlines; we need someone with great organizational skills, as you will be organizing the footage for the editor to make it a smooth transition from production to editing. Needs to be working on organizing footage after each shoot.


Preferred Experience in Adobe Speedgrade/DaVinci Resolve/or basic color grading software. Excellent time management skills, Experience in Photoshop is preferred, and applicants should provide a Portfolio to show coloring/editing skills. Colorist will be color correcting the whole film and will be working with a tight schedule. This person needs to have great collaborating skills as they will be working with the Editor and Assistant Editor to keep the ball rolling in post production.

Graphic Designer:

Preferred experience in After Effects; Graphics will be creating titles and credits and adding them to the film in all necessary scenes. You will be creating a rolling credits and need to work with the producer to ensure everyone who worked on the film is given credit.


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