General Meeting / Resume Workshop

  • TSU, Tuffree AB

This event is in partnership with LPH (Lambda Pi Eta)

Special Guest: Cassandra Thompson, College Career Center Specialist with the College of Communications

This goal of this event is to assist members with building and formatting your resume to "wow" recruiters and appear as visually professional as possible to anyone who sees it. Cassandra can also help with appropriate diction that best appeals to those hiring in our industry.

Our meeting room will only have 48 seats, please arrive early as the event will be in partnership with LPH and it's uncertain how many members will attend.

Requirements: You must bring a physical copy of your resume to annotate. Computers/tablets will not be allowed to ensure Cassandra can effectively assist all attendees without distractions and technical difficulties.

This event will take place at our NEW meeting location in the TSU, Tuffree AB