General Meeting / LinkedIn Endorsement Party

  • TSU, Tuffree AB

This event is in partnership with LPH (Lambda Pi Eta)

The goal of this event is to gather FMAA members along with LPH (Lambda Pi Eta) members and endorse each other's skills on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a Professional Social Network that allows job/internship recruiters to see your previous workplaces and review your top skills that are endorsed by those in your network and social circles. Our goal is have everyone leave with at least 20-30 new endorsements for their skills.

Requirements: You MUST have a LinkedIn profile with a profile picture. You also MUST have skills listed for others to endorse you. If you have any questions about setting up your LinkedIn profile let us know! 

In order to take part in the LinkedIn Endorsement Party, you MUST RSVP here!

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